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Carole  Gardner


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     ...Welcome to My Group!

Carole Gardner ID# 2533.

I encourage you with all of my heart to join my group and the over 200,00+ members throughout the USA. You are not alone in Scriptures. Me, the company and others within our group will help you every step of the way as the scriptures instructs us to do in Galatians 6:1. It's called Team Work and Team Work Works.

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A 100% Christian Owned and Operated Company that has developed a complete Product Line and Marketing Plan that is uniting hundreds of thousands of Christians in all 50 states. Find out how you can become part of this Christian Home Based Business that will allow you to help your fellow Christians and the real opportunity to honestly earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars and more each and every month for life. All right from the comfort of your own home ....... Praise God!!!

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Scriptures is the World’s Largest Christian Company of it’s kind with one-of-a-kind nutritional, skin, and bath products. All of our products are natural, safe and are not  tested on animals.  All of our skin and nutritional products have been scientifically designed to give you the greatest benefits possible. We use only the finest ingredients on planet earth and all of our products have been used and tested by hair, skin and health care professionals.

NOW LISTEN TO THIS ……. All of our products have a New Testament Scripture (KJV) on the front of each bottle to help you spread God's Word ... Praise God! 

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We already have everything you need to succeed:  The Marketing Plan, Business Plan,  Commission System, Computer System, Advertising Program, Auto-ship Program, 800 Phone System, Conference Calling, Training, Corporate Website and everything else you need to succeed. All you need to do is to participate. Can we make this any easier?

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 God Bless You,

Carole Gardner


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