The Founder - Rosario Abate  

Rosario was a former salon owner and National Stylist for Helene Curtis Professional Products. He has traveled all over the country doing shows and salon training classes for thousands of salon owners and stylists. He has also appeared  as a guest stylist on TV and has been featured in numerous hair trade magazines and newspapers.

In addition to all of this, Rosario had his own Christian Radio Show Get a Life (taken from 1 John 5:12) on WCCD Family Radio in Cleveland Ohio. His show was aired daily from 12 noon to 12:30.

"We asked  Rosario to host our daily talk radio Get a Life (taken from 1 John 5:12) because we knew he had the gift of teaching the gospel in an easy to understand format that edifies all who listen. We were proud to have him as our host and we’re sure that all members of Scriptures will love his monthly teaching lessons."

S. Sopata, President - Get a Life Ministries, Inc.


ALL of our Nutritional Products are endorsed by Charles Vinci

Two (2) Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Weightlifting


.. ONLY American male weightlifter ever to win two (2) Gold Medals

.. Seven (7) time National Weightlifting Champion

.. Two (2) First Place Medals at the Pan American Games

.. Voted “strongest man in the world pound per pound”

 ..Member of The Weightlifters Hall of Fame

.. Set Twelve (12) World Records

.. and a believer in Jesus Christ


...Here's Charles being congratulated by President Bush

Charles is also friends with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and has been invited to meet presidents, kings, queens, diplomats, the Pope and heads of government all over the world.

He is a international known Olympian and has has been featured in many fitness magazines, videos, newspaper articles, the world wide web and the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Charlie’s said: "I could have endorsed any nutritional product company that I wanted, but I chose Scriptures because I believe in what they are doing and I know what it takes to make the best nutritional products on planet earth.  


Here's Charlie's Advise and Promise: "I have been supplementing my diet my whole adult life and I know if you want to achieve maximum health benefits then you must supplement your diet with the proper nutritional supplements. You have my personal promise as a Christian that Scriptures will always make available the "Best of the Best" nutritional products on planet earth.  In fact, I guarantee that you will be very proud to be a member of Scriptures and to part of this wonderful Christian Vision.” 


Charles knows Jesus Christ as his savior and he proclaimed to the world (when he won both Olympic Gold Medals) that he owes all of his success to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.This program WORKS and it's EASY!

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